Changes in French Whip Rules

The Jurisdictional Council of France Galop has decided to change the regulations on the use of the whip as of 1 March 2019 by reducing the number to 5 strokes.

To facilitate adaptation to this new measure, an awareness period for jockeys who have given 6 shots is in place until March 14, 2019 inclusive.

During this period, the marshals will sensitize the jockeys making manifestly abusive use of their whip on this new rule and inform them of the penalties they incur in case of non-respect of this one (75 € for the first infraction of a jockey, a minimum of eight days suspension at the fourth recidivism within two months of the first offense).

In addition, the members of the Jurisdictional Council of France Galop also decided to specify the appreciation of the arm raised above the shoulder. Thus, it is the elbow raised above the line of the shoulders which will have to be considered as a fact generating a sanction (observations for a first offense, 3 days minimum suspension at the 4th recidivism in the two months following the first offense).”