Within this section you will find comprehensive information on career development and support available to IJA members including useful information for Apprentices and claiming riders. The IJA, in conjunction with Horse Racing Ireland, continue to develop an ongoing jockey’s pathway to career development and links to the scheme are shown here.

The Green Cert is externally accredited by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) delivered through the Curragh Post Primary school and the Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies (Horsemanship (6M3505) or Equine Breeding (6M3507)); successful completion of either of the aforementioned courses will meet the requirements for a ‘Young Trained Farmer’ (which is the Green Cert). It is a full-time course and it runs from September 2017 to May 2018, the week would be broken down as follows:

Monday: Work Experience
Tuesday: Work Experience
Wednesday: Theory (College)
Thursday: Theory (College)
Friday: Practical (College – outcentre)

Students need to be attend at least 80% of the Wednesday to Friday classroom element of the course. Further details in relation to the Green Cert can be found at

There is also career guidance/advice available through the Industry Assistance Programme where riders can avail of a free one hour telephone coaching session with a qualified skills coach and to follow up on that the jockeys can book a face to face session with a career guidance counsellor. This is a new service available free of charge to jockeys and provides the opportunity for helpful career advice for riders at any stage of their career.

Through HRI a Jockeys Pathway is being developed to help riders with their careers and this includes features such as:

  • Strength & conditioning
  • Sports dietitian
  • Sports psychology
  • Sports physio

These services are due to come online within the next month and will be delivered on a trial basis through the campus in RACE.

For any professional jockey wishing to develop their career through any accredited course or training programme there is a 50% Education and Training Grant up to a maximum of €1,000—training-grant-programme/.