24th June 2020

Dear IJA Member

This is just a brief update and “next steps” for the continuance of racing during the Covid-19 crisis.

Health Screening Check

Firstly, Dr Jennifer Pugh is extremely happy with the responsible and understanding approach being taken by all riders to the Return to Racing Protocols. However, she reminds all riders that it is their responsibility to ensure that they have completed their health screening checks by 6pm the previous day before any race meeting that a rider is scheduled to race.

Racetrack Facilities

With regard to racetrack facilities, and even though restrictions have been somewhat eased to allow up to 20 people indoors together, the weigh room restriction will not be changing for the foreseeable future principally because, there is insufficient space in weigh rooms to ensure full compliance with workplace social distancing. However, from next week it is planned that all race courses will be providing cold facilities for drinks and sandwiches.

Two Pound Allowance

There has been some pressure from outside sources to reduce the 2lb allowance however this will continue at a minimum until 20th July and I am in correspondence with HRI to see if this can be extended further while sauna facilities are un available to you at the racecourse.

Face Snoods

Both the heavier snoods from the UK and lighter snoods provided by Elaine Farrell and Niall Kennedy are available through your valet

and I have asked HRI to pay for the costs of providing these to you as The Jockeys Association has already paid for face screens.

Double Meetings

From 1st July 2020 riders will now be allowed to ride at double meetings. This has been agreed by HRI to reflect the very high level of compliance by riders with all race day protocols. However, it will be necessary for you to ensure that you complete all ongoing requirements for attendance at each meeting.

Liam Treadwell, RIP

Finally, all of us were both shocked and saddened by Liam Treadwell’s untimely passing. You have all been through a difficult time over the past number of weeks with no income and no racing and undoubtedly this has had an effect on some much more than others. We have a dedicated Counsellor, Pat Brennan, 086 3517491 who is available 24/7 for all riders and I have received very positive feedback on Pat’s expertise and advice to rider’s experiencing difficulties. His service is free to you as a member of The IJA and is kindly sponsored by The Irish Injured Jockeys. If you need to contact him or you are aware of someone who you think might need his help, be sure to act.

The riders at Naas and Roscommon wore black armbands as a mark of respect for Liam, their fallen colleague. Our deepest sympathies to Liam’s family and friend.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Coonan
Executive Secretary